Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Newlyn crabber Harriet Eve launch party

Watch & listen to the blessing and naming ceremony for the Harriet Eve

Proving that despite ever increasing and seemingly obstructive red-tape and officialdom the Rowse crab fishing family continues to demonstrate its faith in the future with yet another new build, the Harriet Eve. The boat is named after the youngest in the family who turned seven the day before - what a birthday present! - although one of her friends who came to the launch 'party' was gutted to find there were no cakes!

The boat represents a truly Cornish effort - with a myriad of local companies being brought together to create what is a shining example and triumph of technology over fishing boat design and build. Mark and Emma Rowse have personally overseen the fitting out of the boat - in less than 5 months - and with all the experience of years in the game and having fitted out an identical boat a few years ago (Emma Louise) the latest addition to the fleet oozes functionality, ease of fishing operation and vessel maintenance for skipper-to-be Richard Carrol and his crew.

Some years ago, the family firm decided that processing their own catch was a way of better profiting from the efforts of their skippers and crews working their growing fleet. They invested in a factory and the Real Cornish Crab Company was born and began to develop sales of crab in a burgeoning home market .

When Mark began fishing with his father Mike who skippered the port's biggest cabber, the Julian Paul almost 100% of the shellfish they landed was sold abroad - mostly to France. Today, around 15% of the Real Cornish Crab Company's fish follows suit, some 50% is now processed and consumed while an amazing 25% is flown, live, via Heathrow to China - from pot to plate in under 48 hours! 

The company can thank its success not to any external agency but to their personal dedication in ensuring that the boats not only fish sustainably (they fish for whelks too) but that every element of the operation is meticulously recorded - via the website they can tell a buyer exactly who, when and where there catch was caught and who and when it was processed.  

This is the first time a family firm in Newlyn has launched more than one new build of significant size in more generations than anyone can remember - real testimony to the combined efforts of all those who work for and with them.

Good fishing to skipper Richard Carrol and crew that sail the Harriet Eve!