Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Newlyn's great tradition of artistic endeavour continues.

Newlyn copperwork boys with J.D McKenzie by Stanhope Forbes 1932
Following in the footsteps of artists like Stanhope Forbes, Newlyn's great tradition of artistic endeavour today still continues to draw inspiration from those that work in the port...

Close up of  Coppersmith, Michael Jordan by Henrietta Graham - maybe the copper dish in the background is the same one McKenzie has in his hand!
like coppersmith, Michael Johnson who re-introduced the art of copper beating started in 1890 by John Drew Mackenzie, an artist who settled at Newlyn. He was the key figure in setting up the Newlyn Industrial Class, assisted by the benefactor and local M.P., Thomas Bedford Bolitho.  

The Bolitho family have been lifelong supporters of the fishing industry in Newlyn; Nora Bolitho made it possible for the Fishermen's Mission to bu built in 1911, in more recent times, Major Simon Bolitho was chair of Newlyn Harbour Commissioners in the 1970s and today Edward Bolitho and Elizabeth Bolitho are still active within the community...

the 'new quay', Mary Williams Pier”, was opened by HM The Queen on 28 November, 1980, and is more properly known as the Mary Williams Pier after the daughter of T.E Bolitho, prominent local banker - Mrs. Mary Frances Williams of Trewidden who was locally known as Mrs. Charles Williams and who served on the Board of the Newlyn Harbour Commissioners in the 1970s when the proposal to build the new quay was being discussed....

again with Royal support, Princess Anne did the honours in 2007 when she officially unveiled the fishermen's memorial sculpted by local artist Tome Leaper and partly funded by the Bolitho Trust ...

Henrietta Graham's Michael Jordan portrait alongside the second Newlyn fish auction oil sketch.
so it is no surprise that when portrait artist Henrietta Graham and marine artist husband Tim Hall move into their new studio behind Trelawney's fish merchant the working lives of those in the port continue to inspire and provide the opportunity to capture the life and soul of the port on canvas. 

Ken Howard OBE  working on an early morning study of the Old Harbour

So, if the thought of a harbourside studio setting or painting plein air on a secluded beach or cliff or capturing your own piece of history from Newlyn's historic 12th century historic old harbour or on its bustling fishmarket fills you with inspiration there are plenty of painting holiday opportunities available.