Friday, 13 January 2017

Guess what Americans on the Atlantic coast are being encouraged to eat?

Dogfish! - Why? Because the fishermen cannot even catch the annual quota they have been set!

Off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, there’s not much cod left, but there’s plenty of dogfish. It’s a creature most Americans have never heard of, much less consumed. Instead, Americans are eating imported tuna, salmon and shrimp, in a pattern that could wipe out the U.S. fishing industry. NPR News’ Allison Aubrey reports on a company that's promoting seafood caught at home.

Not that there is anything new about the fishery - or the lack of desire for Americans to heed the call and switch form cod to dog! Read this article which appeared in Virginia's Marine Resource Bulletin - in 1982!  There is even a few recipes to try.  Maybe we will be able to see dogfish on the menu of our local fish and chip shops again some time soon landing spurdogs has been banned for over 10 years in the UK.