Thursday, 12 January 2017

Calling all fishing wives, partners and girlfriends - get together!

Diary date: Newlyn's Training Hub in the harbour is playing host to a meeting next Thursday (19th) from 12:30-14:30. There is a FB page to follow for up-to-date info here.

Starting at 12:30 with refreshments, the program includes training delivered by Public Health Cornwall, which also aims to provide information on how and where to get support with various health concerns.  They will also have Chris Ranford from the FLAG, who will talk about accessing funding and give examples of previously funded projects and initiatives.

Julian Wearing from the Fishermen's Mission will also be there, to talk about what kinds of help and support can the Mission offer to fishing families.

As part of the workshop, we are also launching a FB group called 'All in the Same Boat', which is aimed at connecting women in fishing communities across Cornwall.