Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Belgian beam trawler capsizes off Kent coast around midnight - one rescued, one critically ill, one missing.

Z582 Assant - Photo courtesy of

Off the coast of England at midnight a Belgian fishing vessel Assanat Z582 from Zeebrugge, capsized. There were three people on board. One of them was called with the English rescue helicopter of the hull of the ship and transported to the hospital. Meanwhile, there has been found a second crew member at sea. This confirms the Maritime Rescue and Co-ordination Centre in Ostend. The man is unconscious flown to the hospital. His condition is critical. It is with might and looked for the last drowning, with both English and Belgian rescue helicopter, two rescue vessels from Ramsgate on the English coast, and a merchant vessel that was nearby. Belgians were two of the three crew members.

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