Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Star of the show - Rose of Argyll - a Loch Fyne skiff yacht.

One of the Sea, Salt & Sail's favourite visitors is the skiff, Rose of Argyll...

Unlike many boats these days she is clinker built...

on deck, a dozen smoked pollack, harking back to her days as the kind of boat that fished for herring in order to produce world famous Loch Fyne kippers

This short video starts with some fast action below decks as a final rib - still steaming - is fitted inside the hull.

Rose of Argyll is newer than many luggers.  She was built in Scotland and not in Cornwall. Her specific type is a Loch Fyne skiff. She is a replica of a herring boat from the early twentieth century. First sailed as a yacht, she was then abandoned in a garden in the Gulf of Morbihan Gulf in 1990. She was bought and restored and relaunched in 2009. 

Since then, her home port has been Douarnenez. The boat navigates only under sail and port manoeuvres have to be carried out by rowing and sculling because she has no engine.