Wednesday, 13 July 2016

French trawler catches Portuguese submarine in trawl 30 miles south of Plymouth,

The Daytona is now back at sea after the incident off Plymouth

A Portuguese submarine taking part in a Nato exercise off Cornwall has become snagged on the nets of a French trawler. The warship Tridente has been caught roughly 30 miles miles south west of Plymouth in Devon. It was below the surface when it became snagged on the nets of Daytona, a French fishing boat.

The 220ft navy attack sub which weighs more than 2,000 tonnes was on training mission off Lizard Point coast , got stuck in the net and hit the fishing boat as it tried to surface.

Damage was caused to the nets of Daytona, which was fishing in the area at the time.

A Royal Navy spokesman confirmed there were no casualties from the incident.

Divers are now on the boat trying to see what damage has happened to the submarine. The submarine was assigned to Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) out of Plymouth and was released for the night

An investigation into the incident will now take place.