Monday, 7 March 2016

#HellOnHighSeas heads for Land's End!

Sixty five feet of pure ocean racing yacht with precious little wind provides two intrepid but nervous novice celebrity sailors with a gentle start to this year's #HellOnHighSeas BBC One Show celebrity Sports Relief Challenge...

as they head south from Belfast, and the leg of their semi-circumnavigation of the UK - the weather having dictated that they avoid the Northerly route around Scotland to avoid putting the two complete novices through too much danger!

With around 280 miles to go and an average speed of 10 knots the boat should sight the Longships around 10pm tomorrow evening...

Wind forecast from EarthNull.org

when they will have a vicious little depression giving them a serious push from behind as they round the corner and head east - stay tuned to their progress using VesselTracker AIS!