Monday, 18 January 2016

Huge EMFF funding pot announced today - now available to UK fishermen.

The scheme brings much needed benefits to the fisheries and aquaculture sectors as well as coastal communities. Key areas of focus for the funding are to help the fishing industry to adapt to the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) as well as supporting the competitiveness of the sector.
Applications for funding are initially sought for: support with elements of CFP reform, improving health and safety on vessels, enhancing the quality or value of catch, investing in port and harbour infrastructure such as ports/auction halls/shelters, the processing of seafood and aquaculture products and general investments in aquaculture.
The MMO are also commencing the process of selecting Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) for England to help fisheries communities adapt to the reformed CFP and to support sustainable economic growth.
The scheme will open for other measures later this year but these initial areas cover over €33m of EMFF funding which is being made available.

Activities you can apply to fund

You can apply for funding to:
  • improve the energy efficiency of your gear or vessel
  • expand your business into new markets and find new ways of increasing productivity and throughput
  • improve health and safety
  • boost the value and quality of your product and including ways to use unwanted catch
  • improve fishing ports, landing sites, auction halls and shelters
  • try innovations in fisheries, the maritime sector and aquaculture
  • marketing measures
  • process fishery and aquaculture products
  • start a partnership between scientists and fishermen
  • create jobs in the fishing or aquaculture sectors
  • create social dialogue,
  • create support for the systems of allocation of fishing opportunities
  • production and marketing plans
  • implement conservation measures and regional co-operation
  • limit the impact of fishing on the marine environment and adapt fishing methods to protect species
  • innovation that could conserve marine biological resources protect and restore marine biodiversity and ecosystems and inland waterways for migratory species
  • investments in aquaculture
  • projects that promote human capital and networking in aquaculture

And of coiurse it is just as well to know what you cannot apply for!

Activities you can’t apply to fund

You won’t get an EMFF grant to:
  • increase the fishing capacity of your vessel or increase the ability of your vessel to find fish
  • increase the capacity of fish holds
  • build fishing vessels or import them
  • stop fishing activities temporarily or permanently, unless otherwise provided for in the EMFF regulations carry out exploratory fishing
  • transfer ownership of a business
  • fund direct restocking unless explicitly provided for as a conservation measure by a European Union legal act or in the case of experimental restocking
  • fund the purchase of inland fishing vessels.
  • fund the construction of lobster hatcheries.

How to apply for a funding

You need to read the guidance documents relevant to your project and fill out anapplication form on the in order to get funds. Not all projects will be successful in getting funds as the scheme is competitive. Once you submit your application to us, we will consider whether to approve it or not. You can read more about the application process on the apply for a funding page.