Saturday, 21 November 2015

ReefDoctor Aquaculture Internship

ReefDoctor Aquaculture Internship

Our Aquaculture Internship is on offer for those looking to gain fieldwork experience in community-based aquaculture and socio-economic development. This position allows people with a keen interest in this field, but with limited experience, to gain their first steps in this exciting but demanding discipline. We offer 3 month and 6 month internship positions, with the possibility to extend the internship or become a staff member upon invitation by ReefDoctor.

As an Aquaculture Intern, you will be supporting ReefDoctor’s Darwin Initiative-funded Alternative Livelihoods Project. The aim of this project is to promote the long-term survival of traditionally-fished marine turtle populations through the implementation of a bay-wide aquaculture project. This will assist in the transition towards sustainable marine-based livelihoods and provide a pathway to poverty alleviation within local communities. We are providing communities with the tools, resources and support to develop a robust sea cucumber and seaweed aquaculture program in the Bay of Ranobe with the capacity of providing guaranteed market access, food security, economic growth, and wealth for rural fishing communities.

What you can expect to undertake as a ReefDoctor Aquaculture Intern:
Attend lectures and training to gain a full grasp of the Alternative Livelihoods Project objectives, goals and outcomes.
Intensive language training in the local Vezo Malagasy dialogue to help you communicate with local communities.
Implementation and expansion of community sea cucumber and seaweed farms.
Maintenance of existing seaweed and sea cucumber farms.
Collection of biological data on sea cucumbers and seaweed with the aim of improving productivity.
Conduct environmental monitoring at seaweed and sea cucumber sites using YSI, weather station, and HOBO loggers to monitor the effects on growth/production.
Assist with community training and awareness programmes in the field.
Day-to-day aquaculture team work (e.g., building projects, sourcing material, attending community meetings).
Developing material for community outreach programs (e.g., posters, presentations).
Assist the ReefDoctor Fano project and community turtle conservation association ‘Fikambanana MPaniriky Miaro ny Fano’ (FI.MPA.MI.FA) with turtle tagging, collection of data, and documentation.
Gain knowledge and experience in the customs of south-west Madagascar’s coastal Vezo populations by living and working in close association with the communities.
Develop our seaweed cooking programme; recipe development, community training and aid communities with business development initiatives and implementation of products for sale in the villages. 
Undertake socio-economic surveys of community members involved in aquaculture.
Data documentation and report writing.
To help the team actively involve Junior ReefDoctors in the aquaculture projects where possible.
Option to visit our satellite sites in the Bay of Ranobe; our satellite camps are in isolated communities and therefore living conditions are extremely basic.

To find out if you are eligible to become a ReefDoctor Aquaculture Intern please fill in our Volunteer Questionnaire and send it along with your C.V to If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer on +44 (0) 7866 250 740.