Thursday, 22 October 2015

Your Fishermen's Mission family values its volunteers - will you be one of them?

Off to an early start from Penzance by train heading for Plymouth and the annual volunteers meeting for the @thefishmish ...

it's the one time of year all the volunteers are brought together in the same room along with others who have been invited to help spread the word and share theirs and others efforts from over the year.

Like all charities, the Mission's incredible network of volunteers is crucial to successful fundraising - either by direct action like collecting the Mission's unique Albert collection boxes...

to those who are prepared to talk and more importantly listen to the needs of fishermen who are in need. With the demise of Mission centres the work of the mission goes largely unseen - paid staff like Keith and Julian from Newlyn and Ian Murray in South East Cornwall are constantly out on the road meeting fishermen and their families well away from home.

The Mission are truly grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who already selflessly support the work in ports and across the country.

  • Looking after our Alberts, the collecting boxes
  • Helping at fundraising events
  • Sending out publicity materials
  • Giving talks
  • Helping with collections
  • Becoming a volunteer welfare worker in our centres
  • Forming a local group to publicise our work and organise fundraising events.
These are just suggestions however; there are so many ways you can help so please get in touch to talk about how you’d like to help.

We’ll provide all the information and training you need before you begin, and we’ll reimburse agreed expenses.