Friday, 4 September 2015

St Ives lugger Barnabas nears the end of her historic voyage to the Shetlands and back.

The Barnabas left Newlyn on a misty morning.
After leaving Newlyn early on the morning of June 29th, the St Ives lugger Barnabas is now on the final leg of her round Britain journey - having left the Shetlands in late July she is now only a few miles south of Newlyn - having re-created the kind of voyage carried out by hundreds of local luggers before her in the quest for fish as they followed the shoals of herring and pilchards around the coast.

With a fresh northerly breeze the Barnabas has been forced to tack right across the Bay before heading back into Porthleven for the night - she will sail to Newlyn and the end of her epic voyage tomorrow.