Sunday, 13 September 2015

it's a fact, net works.

Net-Works is a social, environmental and commercial solution tackling the problem of discarded fishing nets, by Interface and ZSL. The programme evolved from a need to find a better way of doing business. By working together in close partnership, Interface and ZSL are creating a solid business solution with a long-term positive impacts on marine and freshwater ecosystems while also providing financial opportunities to some of the poorest people in the world.

Trawled up lost Spanish monofilament long line and mono net.
Discarded nets that ghost fish are not the problem here in the rich fishing waters off Nelwyn as in other seas around the world. The local boats fish mainly in deep water and the strong tides in the Western Approaches see to it that any lost nets are soon rolled up tight and lose the ability to fish. 

Used nets are baled ready for recycling in Newlyn.
The Cornish fleet of gill netters produce several tons of used monofilament nylon nets a year as they replace worn out nets with new - these are then sent for recycling.

On a related note...

This coming weekend sees a national campaign to help clean our beaches all around the UK. Locally, Sandy Cove is one of the beaches where volunteers will muster on Saturday. The strong winds over the last few days will have added to the flitsam and jetsam washed up on every beach i the south west not just Sandy Cove - find out more about the Great British Beach Clean here.