Saturday, 13 June 2015

Newlyn Fish Festival Site Manager

One of the key roles during Newlyn's annual fish festival is that of site manager - and this year there is an opportunity for someone to take over that role! There is a great team spirit for all those who help make the festival the great success that it is over the weekend.

Of course, the Site Manager plays a key role over the Festival weekend and requires a general level of fitness and a forklift drivers licence is essential. The following is a list of the general areas and specific duties that the role has primary responsibility for.

General areas of responsibility:

1. To ensure that the set up of the Festival goes to according to plan and to be on site from the designated set up time – noon on the Friday before the Festival.

2. Liaise with Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners (NPHC) staff to ensure that site clearance in preparation for the Festival is timely and according to plan.

3. To liaise with team, security staff, contractors and emergency services where appropriate.

Specific duties

1. To ensure that fencing and barriers are placed according to plan and are secure.

2. To assist Secretary with marking out locations for pitches.

3. To ensure stalls, marquees, stages are secure and within agreed locations and boundaries.

4. To assist in putting out tables, chairs, other furniture and props according to plan.

5. To place entrance booths, mobile toilets, wheelie and other rubbish bins in designated places.

6. To ensure that mobile toilets and rubbish bins are functioning properly and pose no threat to public health or discomfort.

7. To assist with erecting flags and banners.

8. To assist in ensuring that the arrival and departure of stallholders is according to plan.

9. To ensure that site is cleared at the end of the Festival according to plan for a timely handover to NPHC staff.

If you are keen to know more please contact Steve Ryman on 07518 603955 or email to