Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

'St. Mary of the Sea' - mid-water trawling in the Channel

On board the trawler "The St. Mary of the Sea", off Tréport, following day and night physically demanding work and Jacky, Momo, Rudy and the other fishermen filmed by Cyril Badet.

Work is physical, rest of short duration, but the sailors of the trawler St Mary of the Sea fish well and like this job. They say in this beautiful reportage 35 minutes directed by photographer-reporter Cyril Badet, welcomed aboard for a five-day spill off Tréport.

Mackerel waves we see it, and sometimes sardines, pour the trawl. Once worked and sorted, the fish is glazed and is crated and regularly landed at the écoreur Unipêche in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Every gesture of fishing, but also life on board (the family initially refueling, square meals, couches) are well shown through this documentary, which enjoys beautiful lights day night, and well paced plans and set to music. With direct and simple testimony boss Sebastian Sagot, captain of St. Mary of the Sea for 13 years, as his second mechanic and Jean-Philippe, Jacky and his crew, Johanny, Rudy and Sebastian.

And once will not hurt, the ship provides rewards but also the champion of safety: we like to see all the way helmets and PFDs worn by sailors! The documentary also shows that fishing is controlled with a visit on board Maritime Affairs when landing.

Sailors from Sainte-Marie  has been featured in Riantec March 20 as part of the Film Festival Fishermen of the World.