Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

"Sense of place, identity and tourism" just one aspect of the GIFS Project

"For the development of sustainable coastal communities through an explanation and a sharing of the social, the economic and the cultural impacts of inshore fishing"

Perhaps the M(Mis)MO would do well to have work closely with the GIFS team - maybe then they would begin to appreciate just how important concepts like "a sense of place" are to the very fabric of rural Britain - and maybe some might begin to appreciate that far from being a threat to a way of life the EU (for all its faults and imperfections) is far better placed to help preserve fishing communities through projects like GIFS and Gap2 and funding sources like Convergence - would sources of finding like FLAGS exist if conceived and funded from central government in the UK - maybe in Scotland?

Listen to an overview of the GIFS Project here...

and one of the presentations outlining their work in providing a toolkit for further research...

The toolkit could be used in many situations to help create better research and support for the industry.