Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Support the #RNMDSF from Friday 5pm - Salt of the Earth book launch in the Mission, Newlyn

Profits from the sale of Salt Of The Earth, which is being launched tomorrow in Newlyn, will go towards the Fishermen's Mission charity in the village. Mr Penprase, who is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, said: "The most impressive thing was that the fishermen are such a close bunch, almost like a band, a unit, so responsive to jokes, but also to being serious. "It was difficult to know which emotion to portray. "There's a very serious side to fishing, and there are serious pictures in Salt Of The Earth. "We want people to buy it, so we want them to like the pictures and be lifted by them." 

Fish on fish

Harbour 2 Harbour, which captures the lives of more than 700 people from Porthleven, raised £26,082 for Cornwall Hospice Care in less than three months after its launch in 2012. The collection was a sequel to Mr and Mrs Penprase's first book, called Harbour to Harbour, which raised £30,000 for Children's Hospice South West. Mrs Penprase said: "What's important is that no one will earn a penny from this. "Everyone has worked for free." 

Shooting the lifeboat crew

More than 300 people from Newlyn posed for the book during more than 160 photographic sessions, which started in June. The book was brought together by people including Julian Waring, from the mission, who approached the Porthleven couple to carry out the project. 

The Salt Of The Earth launch party will be at the Fishermen's Mission, in Newlyn, and is on sale for £20. 

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