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Friday, 14 November 2014

BBC Spotlight feautre - Fishermen and fish retailers hit by MMO fishing restrictions.

BBC South West's current affairs programme Spotlight talks to inshore fishermen form St Mawes where complete stops on some species introduced by the MMO have caused local boats to tie up and the wet fish retailers who rely on them cease trading for want of fish. 

Local Plymouth MP Alison Seabeck has called for an inquiry into the behaviour of the MMO - she initially raised concerns on behalf of local fishermen over 18 months ago when it became evident that these stocks would require careful management. Fisheries MP George Eustice is also interviewed but he appears to blame the swingeing cuts made by the MMO on this year's appalling winter weather followed by fishermen making higher than average catches during the summer months on  - though quite how that would produce different catch figures as compared to fishermen being able to fish all year round as they might have done in previous years is anybody's guess?

Whatever the case it seems remarkable that an organisation with the management word in its very title could or even would make such a catastrophic mess of 'managing' the very industry it has been charged with managing.