Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fishing boats being hauled up the beach in Cadgwith 1990

Cadgwith is one of many fishing coves around the coast of Cornwall that supports a small fleet of versatile and highly skilled fishermen. Botas like the Scorpio land the highest quality fish on Nelwyn market - most of it hours old when it is brought back to the cove - there is a small white fish shop where you can buy fish direct from the boats as they land.

The cove was the setting for part of Monty Hall's series Fisherman's Apprentice when he learned the craft of single-handed fishing from Nigel Legge on a small boat using just lines and pots. Despite his seagoing credentials Minty succumbed to bouts of seasickness before rising to the challenge and scraping a living from the sea bed.

This video was shot back in 1990 and you can play spot the familiar faces. One in particular deserves note - fisherman Martin Ellis has made the news headlines on more than one occasion for his exploits. These include landing dozens of blue sharks that he fished for using a traditional long lining method - much to the chagrin of the shark fans! He is also the the fisherman who, with the support and marketing expertise of fish merchant Nick Howell reintroduced ring netting again to Cornwall for what are now known as Cornish sardines. Sadly, skipper Martin caught so many sardines one night the boat was overwhelmed and was lost - luckily without loss of life - for the record it was the now cox Patch Harvey's first trip aboard the Penlee lifeboat that night!

6:51 minutes into the video you can see how cove fishing is very much a community effort as the other guys help run the wire down the beach to haul Martin's boat Samantha Rose after a trip. Martin's exploits have been recorded on film and he is also a prolific artist - many of his paintings record specific events and are very personal - he will be exhibiting at this year's Fish Festival.