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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Tom Nicholson gives hake the photojournalist treatment - superb!

Artistic endeavour inspired by Cornish fish, and the men who go out to sea and catch it knows no bounds - award winning photojournalist Tom Nicholson has just published a stunning collection of images charting the journey of hake from the time it is caught by Newlyn netter Ajax right the way through the supply chain to Billingsgate in the heart of London's east End then on to Michelin star man Nathan Outlaw's London eponymous eatery at the Capital.

‘Cornish Fish’ is a photographic project following the journey of fish from the Celtic sea to the west-end of London, addressing the Cornish fishing industry’s significance on the rest of the country. Focussing specifically on Hake and Ling species, the project starts on the AJAX TO32, a gillnetting boat based in Newlyn Cornwall. Fish from this boat are landed at Newlyn, where they are auctioned at the market and sent to London to be sold in Billingsgate market or to restaurants via fish merchants.  Fishmongers such as ‘The Chelsea Fishmonger’ and Michelin star restaurants such as ‘Outlaw’s at the Capital’ sell a large amount of fish from Cornwall, as it is often cited as being the freshest and best quality fish on the market. 
Currently being exhibited as part of the Perspective 21 exhibition.
Check out more information about the exhibition by clicking here or on the Facebook event here.