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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Respect for the ocean, it is learned

One of the key speakers at the Hastings conference was from an educational initiative form across the channel.

"It is the sea! It is the sea! "joyful cries of primary pupils 1st of the Royal Athenaeum of Ath exit the bus, earlier this week, proves - if necessary - the excitement by the marine world.

This strange world around them through aquariums on their plate, the children have learned to know and respect him, through various activities in the classroom.

For fifty children from 1st, 4th and 5th years of primary school, they were closed by day "field" in Zeebrugge , on the initiative of Serge Gomes da Silva , member Farnet, the European network of areas Fisheries and father of a student from school.

"The purpose of this day is to help children understand the relationship between the ground realities and activities previously in class , "says Serge Gomes da Silva, aka "Mr. Fish", which was the contact person for this project . They may well be very concrete link between the quality of the environment, the quality of the resource and its consumption. "

A long-term project since it began on April 1, when the Athénée Royal d'Ath joined the World Ocean Network by launching its Operation "Good Fish"

Primary pupils stuck 1st of April Fools in the back of other students of the school. These have then hooked to a large net that had been installed for the occasion.

This introduction, which involved the outset whole school has subsequently achieve a true vertical work. All classes in their own way and according to the ages and skills of children were involved in this project to raise awareness of ocean protection: achieving explanatory posters on the subject of fishing techniques, aquaculture, conservation and regulations or artistic works.

"Fishing and techniques, sea, fish, oceans, these are subjects that fascinate children enormously, regardless of their age, "said Patty Barbaix, teacher in primary 5.

Boots on and plastic bag in hand, children are welcomed on the sand by local guides who launch activity "beachcleaning." The mission? Collect as much waste as possible. We explain that the beach was cleaned yesterday thoroughly up to 17 hours and, unfortunately, this Tuesday at 11 am, the waste of all kinds have resurfaced: caps, bottles, paper, cardboard, cans, there is everything!

A little later, Dani and Franck , two fishermen, waiting children, proudly displaying their catch of the day: dogfish, cod, skate, plaice, children observe these fish home and can even touch" "its cool" "it's funny," "yuck, it is sticky, "comments going well. The two fishermen advocate "local fishing", an initiative supported by the European Fisheries Fund. Their saying " learn to eat what the fisherman fishing and not let the fisherman capture what we want to eat, throwing everything else . "Children have understood. The school canteen has also modified its menu to offer only seasonal fish. A coherent project on the line, to the plate.

Courtesy of and translated by Google  http://www.lavenir.net/article/detail.aspx?articleid=DMF20140606_00487611&pid=2074120