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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

NFFO Exec Meets to Decide Policy

The Executive Committee of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations met recently in York to agree NFFO policy across a wide range of issues.

The Executive:

  • Affirmed its commitment to strong engagement with DEFRA, advisory councils and European institutions to ensure a pragmatic, rational and proportionate implementation of the EU landings obligation
  • Determined to strongly resist the blanket ban on drift nets proposed by the European Commission
  • Received a report on international negotiations on mackerel and Atlanto-Scandian herring 
  • Noted developments in the European Parliament and the relaunch of Brussels based fisheries trade association Europeche 
  • Endorsed the Federation’s efforts to redress the imbalanced and sensationalist coverage of fishing issues in the media Noted the warm approval of the NFFO Chairman’s report by one of the founders of modern fisheries science 
  • Agreed to make representations with regard to the Scottish moratorium on quota transfers out of Scotland 
  • Received an update on the Federation’s work in the regional advisory councils 
  • Welcomed signs that the flawed and now discredited policy of limiting time at sea appeared to be drawing to an end 
  • Made preparations for the Autumn quota negotiations 
  • Received a report on the latest meeting with the Marine Management Organisation 
  • Highlighted shortcomings in the issue of licence variations 
  • Reviewed the Federation’s work in the realm of safety and training 
  • Took a position on revisions to the Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme Discussed plans for a major meeting in the autumn on shellfish policy 
  • Discussed the Federation’s ongoing engagement with fisheries scientists 
  • Reviewed the Federation’s work on marine protected areas Considered the latest developments in offshore renewables 
  • Prepared the NFFO response to Defra’s consultation on IFCAs 
  • Discussed the implications of fish stocks with zero TACs The next meeting of the NFFO Executive will be held on 5th August.
Next meeting 5th of August 2014