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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

"Marketing the Local Catch": Stockholm, Sweden - 3-5 June 2013

The 8th FARNET seminar took place from 3-5 of June 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, introducing the FARNET.lab format to explore with FLAGs different possibilities for “Marketing the Local Catch”. Hosted by DG MARE of the European Commission, the Stockholm FLAG and Stockholm County Board, and supported by the Swedish Ministry of Rural Affairs, the seminar brought together more than 80 FLAGs coming from 20 different countries to explore how various marketing initiatives could be developed and promoted through Axis 4 of the EFF. Through five lab themes, including “direct sales”, “digital marketplaces”, “short chains and Community Supported Fishery”, “branding and labelling”, and tapping into the "experience" aspects of local seafood products, participants analysed the pros and cons of projects and ideas, received feedback and advice from other FLAGs and experts from different, and sometimes distant, shores.

Participants of each lab produced a “Toolbox”, which will feed into further FARNET work, notably a follow up publication dedicated to the theme of “Marketing the Local Catch”. FARNET would like to thank all the participants, DG MARE and the Swedish partners for their involvement in making this 8th FARNET event a success.

The seminar report, presentations and participants list will be progressively available below and through our various communication platforms.