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Monday, 23 June 2014

Good news for mackerel - though the amount being caught in Mount's Bay would suggest nobody has told them yet!

Following the latest survey on improved mackerel stocks from the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES), Seafish has issued the following statement for industry and consumers:

Bill Lart, Sustainability Data Advisor at Seafish: "This is a welcome piece of good news on stock levels and fisheries management and it is testament to the good work and collaboration of fishermen, scientists and the wider industry. The information we now have on mackerel stocks, such as catch figures and spawning biomass, has improved massively since 2000 and we are seeing the results of what commitment and investment to research can achieve with this latest recommendation of allowing the catch to double in 2014.
"There is still some way to go until an international TAC has been agreed and the ongoing management plan for the mackerel fishery must ensure that any major increase in catch levels ensures the stock remains sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

"However, we are delighted to see the work of the North East Atlantic fisheries recognised and shows that UK is at the forefront of sustainability."

The news has also been welcomed as a boost to the health of the nation.

Karen Galloway, Head of Marketing at Seafish: "Mackerel is great value and it's so versatile, lending itself to salads, sandwich fillings and pates, but it's often overlooked by consumers. In fact, it's one of the most substantial sources of Omega 3 which is particularly important for cardio-vascular health and foetal development. The high Vitamin D content also makes it a good choice for boosting Vitamin D levels, especially in young children.

"Recent studies and our own research suggest that UK consumers are still not eating the recommended amount of oily fish each week, despite its proven health benefits. Today's news that we will be able to enjoy even more mackerel on our menus is a fantastic opportunity to champion mackerel as a sustainable, affordable and healthy staple in the British diet.

"The Fish is the Dish website is filled with heaps of great mackerel recipes and handy cooking tips to ensure there is a range of great ways to enjoy it."