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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hauling haddocks aboard the Budding Rose up in the North Sea

Good to see skipper Peter Bruce's boat Budding Rose is enjoying some clement weather after such a harsh winter. All this action was caught on the mighty midget of video technology designed to work in the harshest of conditions - the GoPro Hero 3. Tough enough to withstand the rigours of life on a trawler's deck the mini-sized GoPro will shoot stunning quality video no matter how poor the weather - the case is waterproof to 60m so no matter how big those seas rolling across the deck the camera will shrug them off and keep filming. There's an app to remotely control the camera from a smart phone or tablet - means you can use one of the many grips or accessories available to anchor the camera safely and then stop and start filming and change from narrow to ultra-wide field of view from the safety and comfort of the skipper's chair or wheelhouse!

Top tips if you decide to take the plunge - get the GoPro 3 or 3+ with built-in WiFi and get the additional battery back - and a spare battery or two - these kits are much cheaper than the makers and you get two different chargers!

Get the app for your smart phone to control the camera- making changes to the settings can be fiddly for numb fingers - especially those big sausages for fingers most fishermen have - and the app makes changing the setting a cinch.

Use the free editing software for the camera as it will bring out the best quality from the video you shoot. For most situations shoot with a wide or medium field of view at 1080p and 24 (or 60 if you want to make a bit of slow-mo) frames a second.