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Friday, 28 March 2014

Schools to be told to buy local British products, minister says

Local Cornish MP for Camborne George Eustice tells MPs that schools will from September be told to buy local, in season British products for children's meals. 

No doubt Andrew George (seen here buying fresh fish at Newlyn Fish Festival), local MP for Penzance, St Ives and Newlyn will be the first to see that George Osborne's words are turned into deeds!

Let's hope he means fish as well!

Schools could be made to buy local produce and in season British fruit and vegetables under plans being considered by ministers.

George Eustice, the farming minister, said that the Department for Education is working on measures to ensure that schools across the country use British produce in their meals.

Mr Eustice told MPs on the environment, food and rural affairs committee that from September, schools will be told by the Government that they should be buying local produce.

He said that Michael Gove’s education department is working on a “school food plan” that will “encourage” the use of fresh, British products in children’s meals.

Britain imports billions of pounds of food every year – nearly a quarter of all food consumed every year – and ministers are keen to encourage more local suppliers.