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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Have your hake and eat it - part II #eatmorefish

After finding hake to be the UK's current most sustainable fish, the NFFO organised a tasting evening with journalists, retailers, fishermen and leading seafood chef Mitch Tonks at the well-regarded Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House in Soho. Celebrity fishing fans can spot skipper Phil Mitchell, Fishing News International assistant editor Ruyita and Barry Deas from the NFFO amongst others all enjoying a hake fest washed down with a few oysters.

Let's hope in a few months time big supermarkets like Waitrose will rally to the cause and put fresh Cornish hake on the wet fish counters!

New research from the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations has found hake to currently be the UK’s most sustainable fish. The NFFO conducted an evaluation of stock and catch data of the UK’s most commonly caught species against a criteria of 10 industry sustainability markers and #hake, against very stiff competition from other species, currently meets more of the standards than any other species. However, of the 12,000 tonnes of hake caught by British fishermen last year, just 1.5 per cent was consumed in the UK.