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Monday, 24 March 2014

Fisherman with head injury airlifted from the Western Chieftain off the Irish coast.

A fisherman has been admitted to hospital in Sligo after being airlifted from the "Western Chieftain" on Mar 23, 2014, by an Irish Coast Guard helicopter some 260km off the Mayo coast. An emergency call was received from the vessel by the Marine Rescue Centre in Malin in the morning. After discussions with doctors at Medico Cork, which provides medical support and information for vessels in Irish waters, a decision was made to carry out an emergency airlift. 

The Rescue 118 helicopter was dispatched from Sligo just before 10am, and made its way to the scene with support from an Air Corps CASA plane. The man — an Irish national — was taken safely from the vessel and flown back to shore. He was admitted to Sligo General Hospital at 1.31 p.m. The Air Corps plane ‘Charlie 252′ arrived on scene at 11.50 a.m. and remained with the trawler, providing a communications relay between it, the Coastguard and ‘Rescue 118’ during the Mission.

Courtesy of Timsen on VesseltTracker