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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Don't miss the The International Film Festival "Fishermen of the World" 2014

The International Film Festival « Fishermen of the World » 2014 is soon opening. On show, 38 full and short length films, all dedicated to fishermen and filmed all around the world.

The Festival will sail towards 20 countries and all around the planet and 18 films are of foreign origin. They all offer a great cinema experience with many movies nominated in international film festivals. Several films are being shown for the first time. 13 films are competing including 8 full length films and 5 short length films.

In Preview and with free access, the Festival's 6th several film festivals « Les Grandes Marées » : the poetic story of a father and son both fishermen in Brittany and a documentary, the adventurous « Au cœur de la Tourmente » on the risks taken by fishermen in the South Pacific. 

The opening film of the Festival is the renowned icelandic film“  The  Deep” by Balthasar Kormakur. It tells the story of a fisherman surviving a shipwreck against the odds. Then the Festival will show 24 films in the “ Selection Reflet du Monde “ from the 27th of March in the Paul Ricoeur auditorium in Lorient.

These films are 24 works of art. The selection shows the beauty and violence of the oceans and informs the public on the injustice of globalisation and the difficult condition of living of fishermen. The environmental questions including fish stocks management are also important. The Festival is happy to show several short movies made by fishermen themselves and by fishing organisations to explain to the general public what the fisherman's job is.

A selection “La Boite  à Films” is also on show with several documentaries on fishing with free access to the public. Two photos exhibitions on fishermen will take place during the Festival. The Festival has 2 jurys, one made of professionals and one made of high school students. Each jury will give its own award. The professional jury is made of international film makers and sea professionals.

Discover the 2014 films on our web site : http://www.pecheursdumonde.org