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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Penzance Harbour damage - So was Option A so bad after all?

At the time Option A to re-develop Penzance harbour was put forward a much heated debated ensued over the physical changes proposed to Penzance Harbour Wall and the area between the Jubilee Pool, Battery Rocks and Penzance Harbour wall. Those who were against this aspect of the scheme (forget the issues over whether or not the Scillonian link would move to Falmouth) might do well to reflect on the recent damage to the sea facing wall in Penzance Harbour - which the proposed armouring and some reclamation of the seabed directly in front of the harbour wall - would have protected.

Given that sections of the promenade which might once have looked impregnable...

are now lying in a heap on the beach and the harbour wall in Penzance has been breached...

perhaps it is time to take on board the fact that the times they are a-changing, sea levels are rising and winter storms are therefore inflicting more damage...

image courtesy of the BBC
as in the extreme case of Lamorna Cove's harbour wall - now lost to the elements.