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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hard times - winter storms have kept many fishermen in port since December

From Channel 4 News: 

With an opening sequence looking across storm-bound boats in Sennen Cove where, like most of the small boat fishermen of Cornwall, they haven't been to sea since well before Christmas - this video captures thoughts from Patch Harvey, cox of the Penlee lifeboat Ivan Ellen as they go to sea from Newlyn on a training exercise...

during which they inspect Lamorna Cove and the huge damage inflicted on the 140 year old quay built to tranship granite form the quarry behind the houses.

Patch talks about the hardship felt by the fishermen who make these communities what they are - young families to support, mortgages and boat loans still to pay - and, lost fishing time can never be made up for like in a factory where you might just increase production in some way - most fishermen and their boats fish at 100% capacity when they go to sea.

Looking to the future, the storms will subside - lets hope that more land doesn't so the visitors coming to Cornwall as soon as the season gets under way can come and enjoy some of the best fresh fish in the world again!

#eatmorefish !