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Friday, 7 February 2014

#eatmorefish - RNMDSF - saving lives, the Mission's mission to fishermen - even when a storm blows through the building!

Here's a great story from Julian at Newlyn's mission proving the value of PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices - life-jackets to you and me) - in this instance when seas crashed through the buildings windows on the very day the Mission was due to hand out free life-jackets to fishermen - plenty ofg jokes about needing to wear a life-jacket in the Mission!

The Fishermen’s Mission has retained three main aims since it’s inception in 1881. The first, is the safety of fishermen and over the many years we have evolved from taking out (in the Bethel boats out to the guys at Sea) fresh dry cloths to obtaining oils and life jackets for our UK fishermen. Last year, the fishing authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland obtained European funding monies to buy these new Mullion personal flotation devices (PFD’s). They are designed for fishermen by fishermen. As the only fishing related charity it was obvious to partner with ourselves and then distribute the life jackets.

Julian, RNLI Frankie and Mission skipper Keith Dixon demonstarte the PFDs

We together with Seafish and the RNLI applied for a European grant to obtain more PFD’s for Cornwall and England.  Thankfully a trail of 200 was allocated to the Duchy and now they have all been allocated to Cornish fishermen around the whole of the coast. Superintendent Keith Dickson and Centre Manager Julian Waring raced around the coast putting up flyers, using every media outlet and talking to fishermen to ensure they would come to the two day road show in Newlyn this week. 

Training session from the RNLI's Frankie.
Overwhelmed with the response, we coped well due to the scores of volunteers who helped with the distribution, form filling and handing out of pasties and refreshments. At each training session, the fishermen listened to Frankie from the RNLI who ran through the need and the importance of life jackets. Then on the second day just before we were about to train and hand out over 100 PFD’s, a wave crashed through the window at the Mission Centre in Newlyn destroying the carpets and all the paper work ready for the event. Fishermen a plenty came to the rescue and cleared up within the hour.

Just the paperwork to complete!
Then Emma at Seafood Cornwall reprinted all the paperwork required. Together with Andy from the CFPO they stayed and helped with the form filling. Without them, our volunteers and the fishermen these events wouldn't have happened.

Thank you, Julian