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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Just to put big waves in perspective.....

The Met Office is giving out a severe weather warning for Saturday with gusts predicted to be over 70mph. Last weekend, storm force winds off the west coast of Ireland set a new record in wave height recordings smashing the previous record by nearly 4 metres.

The lighthouse on the end of the quay in Newlyn (from which all tidal heights around the world were based until a few years a ago) is around 10m from the quay. In this graphic, the photo of the Crystal Sea II entering Newlyn and the lighthouse have been scaled against the left hand axis - the line graph shows the height in metres of the biggest wave recorded by a UK wave buoy since records began - 23.43m last Sunday from the M4 buoy off the coast of Donegal.

As a reminder of what to expect this weekend here is Newlyn being battered by storm force winds in October 2008.