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Thursday, 21 November 2013

ThisFish - Canada style

ThisFish is an initiative of Ecotrust Canada.  ThisFish strives to deliver a simple and affordable seafood traceability system that provides benefits to producers and consumers. It is a voluntary, consumer-focused seafood traceability system that includes tagging methodologies and technology; online resources, data management and social marketing tools; and other related services (collectively referred to herein as “the Service”).

ThisFish makes it possible for operators throughout the supply chain, from ocean to plate, to obtain general information on each fish back to its source: who caught it, when, where and how. It is a voluntary system for like-minded people who want to produce and consume traceable seafood products.

Thanks to Thisfish's mobile website, it's now easier than ever to discover the story of your seafood while on the go. Whether in a restaurant or grocery store, you can quickly trace your catch at the touch of a button. Watch our quick demo video.