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Monday, 7 October 2013

Newlyn Arts Festival - Newlyn's Choice

This year organisers of Newlyn Arts Festival are hoping to reflect the community as a whole, as well as the artists themselves, at the port's annual event.

Ron Hogg nominated  'Newlyn Fish Festival'  by Jeremy Thompson

'Newlyn's Choice' is this year's standout feature – a collection of exhibits chosen by residents. The aim is to capture favourites and thoughts from across the port, drawing on inspiration and appreciation from every angle.

​NAF Simon Jaques, operations officer at Newlyn Art Gallery and one of the event's organisers Annie Metcalfe

Simon Jaques, operations manager at Newlyn Art Gallery, is excited about what is to come and noted the inclusive aspect of 2013's showcase.

"It reflects what the people of Newlyn love," he said. "It's a nice idea. There are lots of different names – it's fresh and will be interesting to see.

"We're involving the whole community and have invited all sorts of people," he added.

Friday night sees the event's opening at the gallery at 7pm, which will be a first viewing of the display alongside music from Baldrick's Plan, a welcome from St Ives' abstract painter Anthony Frost and a few conjured words from poet Bob Devereux.

The exhibition then runs from October 5-19, with a variety of other creative performances peppered throughout the two weeks including a number of literary spectacles, musical performances and insights into surfing heritage through a variety of mediums.

While from Friday 11 to Sunday 13 the festival's famous 'Open Studios' weekend takes place, allowing the public entry into many local artists' studios and creative workspaces to gain an insight into the person behind the painting.

Events, October:

Friday 4: Opening of Exhibition - Newlyn’s Choice, Newlyn Art Gallery, 7pm

Saturday 5: Great Expectations, The Centre, 7.30pm

Tuesday 8: Meet the Author’ Alan Kent talks about his plays including Surfing Tommies, Music from violinist Allen Samuel, Newlyn Art Gallery, 7pm

Thursday 10: Poetry Evening and songs from Boilerhouse Singers, Newlyn Art Gallery, 7pm

Friday 11: Surf Action talk and film: The new generation of surfing tummies, Newlyn Art Gallery, 7pm