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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Keith Floyd cooks up a storm in Newlyn!

This clip was first shown in 1986 during an episode of BBC1 Floyd on Food, the series sequel to Floyd on Fish. Here, the ever-ebullient Keith hauls himself over the rail of a weather bound Breton trawler in Newlyn to cook up a creamy chicken dish under the knowing gaze of the skipper and crew of the Guilvenec registered prawn trawler Annais

Judging by his comments during the sequence there was a fair bit of banter going on while they were filming - no doubt the skipper and crew were somewhat intrigued and bemused by the effervescence that was Floyd in those days - no doubt he raided the ships vino supplies after sharing the bottle he so graciously took aboard with him! These visiting boats were always visited by a local custom's officer when they arrived in the port and the bonded cigarettes and alcohol were accounted for and sealed in lockers with small metal crimped seals. On one occasion I watched as the crew waited until the custom's officer left the galley, whereupon they calmly removed the pins from the hinges of the sealed locker and offered up those gorgeous Disque Blue cigarettes!

The opening sequence shows Floyd crossing the shelterdeck of the Loctudy prawn trawler Bugaled Breizh. This was owner/skipper Michelle Douce's first vessel to bear tat name, not the boat that was subsequently lost amidst mysterious circumstances off the Lizard on the 15th of January 2004. At the time, 'le patron' Michelle was not aboard as he had injured his back and been away from the sea for nearly 12 months - he was due to rejoin his ship for the next trip.