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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Christopher Mockridge does his bit to save our fishing communities!

The first of a series of web clips from a final year student at falmouth studying journalism doing his bit to save our fishing communities!

Hey Britain wake up! We've got brilliant British Fish just beyond the harbour wall. Sponsor me to support the British fleet -

Six Webclips for Youtube explaining British commercial fish to people who haven't a clue. Which, if we're honest, is nearly everyone.

I recently produced a documentary called Trawler Men's Lives for BBC local radio, you can listen to clips here, instead of clarifying the fishing industry, it simply revealed the contradictory regulations and red tape that fishermen face.

For the final project of my degree (Masters in Broadcast Journalism at Falmouth University) I want to focus on the British fishing industry, which to most people seems like something that doesn't concern them. Which is a shame, because fishing nets the UK (sorry) one and a half billion pound worth of exports each year. Which is also a shame, because we sell most of what we catch in British waters, rather than eating it ourselves. Conversely, we import most of what we eat...

There's loads about the way we regulate fishing that makes sense, nobody wants to run out of fish - least of all fishermen - but, while stocks are returning the rules remain unchanged. The challenge of disguards at sea needs to be explained, because it looks like insanity.

I really want to make media content for web and radio to help redress the balance and support real British food. If you LOVE fish and you want to support the British fleet, please consider sponsoring me!

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