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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Art in the public domain - of poets and poetry

To see paintings hung in museumsand galleries is a rare treat - Penzance has the wonderful Penlee Gallery which plays permanent home to a number of stunning Newlyn School works by Forbes, Harvey and other members of this amazing art phenonomen, however....

The current show at Penlee Museum and Gallery includes the iconic painting by Garstin, The Rain it Raineth, taking photos in the gallery is strictly forbidden so it was by pure chance that these two images came the way of TtGaps ;-), there is no chance of printing any kind of quality image from low resolution image taken on a phone - but the number of people seeing this image reproduced 1000s of times across social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram might just hugely increase the number of people keen to visit the gallery who might never have heard of it...

and you really need to see works like this watercolour in the flesh to appreciate the truly dazzling palette of reds!