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Monday, 17 June 2013

A Global Collaborative to restore 50% of the world's wild fish in 10 Years

50 in 10 Vision and Goals 

Our vision is that marine fisheries become the sustainability success story of the early 21st century. A restored ocean will provide millions of people around the world with more food, improved livelihoods and more profitable fishing and seafood businesses. 

 Our goal is to lead the turnaround in fisheries around the world–both large and small–wherever current practices deplete the marine environment and national economies.  The 10-year goal is a stretch. Achieving sufficient synergy among organizations is not simple. Although much progress has been made in recent years, competition and suspicion still divide those who have a stake in value chains, fishing, and the ocean. Short-term survival or profit sometimes supersedes the long-term economic health of a fishery. Many governmental bodies are weak, unable to enforce laws and agreements, and have insufficient funds for data collection and management. 

 We come together to create more effective ways to create the future we all want. Everyone does not need to agree on everything. Private and public sector players only need enough agreement to act together in specific projects that have a value proposition for each collaborator. We think that a focus on the economics for recovery has resonance across the fishery and seafood system. We believe that we can achieve greater impact by working together in ways that align our shared goal with our individual missions.

Miguel A. Jorge to head global sustainable fisheries coalition WASHINGTON — 

Miguel Angel Jorge has been named as the first managing director of 50in10, a collaboration launched with the 10-year goal of bringing 50 percent of the world’s fisheries under sustainable management, while increasing economic benefits by $20 billion annually. 

The goal of 50in10 was inspired by comments made by the former president of the World Bank at the launch of the Global Partnership for Oceans. “Our future depends on healthy oceans. This is a decade when we can make unprecedented strides toward sustainable management of our oceans—if we work together,” said Juergen Voegele, Director of the Agriculture and Environmental Services Department at the World Bank, which is part of the 50in10 steering committee. 

In addition to the World Bank, the steering committee to date includes representatives of the Academy for Systemic Change; ALLFISH; Conservation International; Environmental Defense Fund; the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; Rare; The Nature Conservancy; the Walton Family Foundation and WWF. “The world is ready,” Voegele continued. “Corporations understand that you don’t have a future if you don’t source sustainably. 

Governments are hungry for comprehensive answers. With all of these forces coming together, the time is ripe for the type of collaborative effort that 50in10 represents. And with his deep experience and connections, we’re fortunate to have Miguel Jorge at the helm as 50in10 enters this critical next phase in its development.”

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