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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sue Lampard is looking for her sister - can you help?

Maybe a long shot but can anyone throw light on Sue Lampard's background - or more importantly the background of her sister whom she hasn't seen for over 30 years?

"My sister was born Carol Hand 18th Sept 1960 in Oldchurch Hospital, Romford, Essex.
She was adopted in July 1961 and lived in Penzance (possibly Alverton or St Austell ) 
I have her birth certificate and the top part of adoption cert (looks like bottom part has been torn off) 
Our mothers name was Barbara Seabrook.
Her fathers name was Ray Kothe.
My BM refuses contact.
BM was married 2 my dad Tony Hand at the time of Carol's birth, which explains why his name is on Carol's adoption certificate.
He was the husband NOT the father. 
BM begged my dad for a divorce for 'the sake of the unborn child' 
Dad agreed and Carol was adopted at birth! 
My BM went on 2 have 2 more children with Ray which she kept.
She left Ray and had 3 more husbands after that! 
She now lives alone in a flat in Essex"
Information sent here please.