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Saturday, 25 May 2013

National disgrace! - something has gone seriously wrong for UK fishermen!

t's unbelievable that the UK fishing fleet is decreasing rapidly when fleets of foreign boats like these are allowed to fish in the seas around the Uk.These photos are send by a fishing skipper on a oil job West Shetland .He has no other choice but to do oil work or tie boat up because of the lack of quota.The boats beside him are Norwegian they are probably catching more fish in a haul than our boats are allowed to catch in a month if not alot longer !!Its about time our government was standing up more for the fishing industry in this country !!

  • Realfishfight SOFC Gabriel l fish in the Norwegian sector with a 24 metre boat .Around me would be at the most 10 other UK boats .It seems to me what we get out other countries waters compared to what advantages we get fishing in theres is totally out of balance . l suppose we have Ted Health to thank for giving away control of our own waters to the EU.
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  • Eugene Rutter And it makes me sick that this ship who fished more sustainably than anyone with hooks. And has to watch it all happening because someone with his head up his arse decided line fishing on the scale we did it wasn't sustainable. Have you Peter Bruce John Clark and the others who give opinions on here anything to say about that. At least you can fish if if wasn't for the SFF to whom we pay our dues we would not have a ship and for that I am eternally grateful.
  • Eugene Rutter Glad to see you pointing out the Norwegians. The spaniards are not the only ones, at least some of them have a British licence and they don't catch nothing like that vessel does.
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  • Gabriel Tracy the government should stand up for uk fleet but do the uk fleet fish in other waters outside the uk waters i think they do so cant have one rule for one and another for everyone else if this is what the uk fleet want then they need to stay in uk waters only