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Friday, 24 May 2013

Just another day at the office for Peter and the boys on the Budding Rose and Lapwing pair team with Great British Chef HFW on board!

The North Sea 50 miles SE of Lerwick yesterday.

Looking towards the Budding Rose, pair team partner to the Lapwing from which this picture was taken. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his two TV film crews from Keo Films chose the to very challenging days in their desire to see the great cod dilemma faced by skippers like Peter Bruce.

Hopefully, HFW having seen and experienced at first hand the dilemma and conditions in which these boats operate will now play his part in giving a much more balanced and less sensationalist view of the industry.

A few weeks ago the Great British Chefs web site produced an infographic on cod that caught the attention of SOFC Real Fish Fighters - with out of date and inaccurate figures the infographic did little to highlight the fact that there is no over-fishing of the grounds in the North Sea, quite the opposite with such huge reductions in catching capacity.

Through the Gaps took the trouble to contact the Great British Chefs team and provide much needed up-to-date information as to how the North Sea was being fished today.  As a result TtGaps was invited to respond with a blog post - and has now been invited aboard as a guest blogger on the team!

The full post can be read here: