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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fish Fighters go to sea! - updates live from the web - just some of the exchanges at sea.

Braving the elements and taking on some of his fiercest critics, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and a film crew are currently at sea with top Peterhead pair team Budding Rose and Lapwing as they pair trawl 50 miles SE of Shetland

Hugh knows what good for him .. fish caught by British fishermen

Peter Bruce skipper of the Budding Rose is away into Lerwick to pick up HFW to go away with him for a few days...

(LERWICK) Departure of BUDDING ROSE PD418 at 18:46

Hugh knows what good for him .. fish caught by British fishermen

Film crews on both boats getting some good coverage in crap weather,,they are doing well without sea legs. @hughsfishfight

@ThroughTheGaps just time for 3 hauls not time do find a good haul

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Some FB comments:
David Warwick If it was anybody else taking them away you would worry about the spin hfw would put on it. But Peter Bruce seems a very sensible guy so lets hope some good comes of this.
Its about time we had some good press and the public where made aware of the real state of the stocks and how well they have recovered.

George McKenzie Good. HFW will see the other side of the story. Remember that the people feeding him the green anti fishing side of the story are media trained, and know how to get only the message they want put across to people like HFW. I don't blame him for the fact that fishery leaders have not been doing the same. I think HWF has a genuine concern about fish stocks and conservation, and good he is going to see the fishermen's side of the story and well done for going to sea, he does not have to. Won't be much room aboard boat though with 4 camera crews?guessss

@LapwingPD972 you can tell #hfw @Tegenmor steamed Poole to Newlyn a few weeks ago and saw 3 other fishing boats!

@PeterWillox @will051266 @jrclarkbf800 @collinsseafoods do they know what a flip flap,eliminator trawl Orkney trawl,highly selective gear??