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.....Mackerel gurdy - new design.....

Gurdy Combo 
No dangerous hooks spread across decks, fish one side, no overhanging outriggers giving more deck space and freedom to move. Revolving rollers with stainless steel bearings. Strong clamping system with rubber-based protective gaskets helping to reduce damage especially to fibreglass gunnels, the clamps pivot 23ยบ ensuring no damage to gunnel resulting in a more secure fastening with locking nuts. The 4" revolving wide handle makes approximately 2 turns per fathom.

Rear end stanchion to gurdy taking strain off gunnels, this unit fishes 6–20+ hooks with tangle free system. All open ends are rubber sealed resulting in less damage to hands etc.

Innovative line transporter keeps the working deck clear of  hooks.
Unit can be supplied as just gurdie / gurdie and wheel / complete system.

Complete system £495.00 with free local delivery.

For further information email or phone Terry on 07594483352