Saturday, 21 May 2022

Fishing News awards 2022 - Amanda of Ladram, boat of the Year!

Congratulations to all concerned for building the Amanda of Ladram which was the latest new build to join the Newlyn fleet in 2021 and the winner of Boat of the Year in this year's Fishing News Awards. She featured on Through the Gaps at the time after sailing down from Whitby where she had been built by Parkol Marine.

Waterdance's latest vessel to join  their ever-expanding fleet is PW-6, the Amanda of Ladram, skippered by Jonathon Walsh. The largely Newquay based skipper and crew will operate mainly from Newlyn targeting mainly MSc Certified hake.


the boat is currently fishing north of the Scillys...

and, like all the vessels in the fleet she will overland her fish from Newlyn to be sold on the market at Brixham.