Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Where do you even begin to respond to the answer given this question in Parliament?

This is not, "taking back control". 

The level of understanding displayed in this response is telling. Just how seriously is the threat of thse hugely powerful and game-changing fishing vessels being taken by the MMO and the Government on behalf of off and inshore UK fishermen?

For the benefit of Victoria Prentis (and anyone else) who doesn't know the difference.

Below, is the Acionna, a typical example of a Scottish seine net vessel with her net as referred to in the written answer to Caroline Lucas' written question:

The largest of the rubber discs on the footrope are around 6" in diameter.

The combination rope used was light enough for the crew to hand haul them recently when they suffered a hydraulic problem with the rope reels that hold them

The Acionna is 24m long and 204 tons and 470hp

Below, is a typical example of the new breed of fly-shooter referred to by Caroline in her question -  seen here in the same berth as the Acionna in Newlyn.

The Annalijdia is 42m long 455 tons and 1275 hp

Spot the difference Victoria?

The Dutch boat has a pair of winches capable of holding 3700 metres (that's over 3 miles) of 50mm seine rope, which can also be used for twin-rigging with Dyneema warp, plus a centrally mounted middle wire winch with capacity for 750 metres of 26mm wire, and which is also prepared for Dyneema warp. The package also includes twin 12m3 net drums built into the aft gantry. She works twin seine nets with 60m heavy rubber footropes.

There is no sense that the minister was provided with anything like accurate or reasonable information in order to answer the question - who was responsible for such mis or dis-information?