Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Lorient. At Top Atlantique, fish keep fishing!

Translated by Google: How. French fish processor in Orient has responded to OVID19.

The closure of restaurants and canteens has deprived the fishmonger of half of its turnover in Lorient (Morbihan). At the same time, it was also necessary to protect employees and ensure activity, even if slowed down.

At Top Atlantique, as with many fishmongers from Keroman to Lorient ( Morbihan) , the two months of confinement resulted in a severe reduction in activity. From the first days, with the closure of restaurants, school canteens and company restaurants. "We lost half of our turnover overnight," explains Ivy Guillou, the director.

"Everyone's security"

The company, which took over the workshops of ex-Marine Harvest last year , on rue Batelière, completely stopped production for two weeks, in March. 44 employees were placed on partial unemployment. " Not only had demand dropped ," says Ivy Guillou, " but the Breton deep-sea vessels were no longer fishing . »Impossible to correctly feed the thread lines with julienne, saithe, whiting, etc.

Activity resumed slowly in early April. And with it the implementation of barrier measures. Top Atlantique already meets drastic hygiene standards in the food industry. The wearing of masks, coats, gloves, charlottes has long been the rule. The coronavirus has forced us to go even further. "For everyone's safety, to reassure us all," recalls Ivy Guillou.

A new organization

Shifted shift times, taking temperature at reception, put on a mask before entering the locker room, hand sanitizer gel, no more than three people in the locker room at the same time, no more than five on break , crosses on the ground to signify the regulatory distance between people, etc. The new organization goes far in every detail.

One in two positions

“On the threading lines, work was limited to one out of two jobs. Where there are twelve threaders in normal times, there are only six, with two meters between each person , says Ivy Guillou. And each operator keeps the same workstation all day. "

Factory disinfected every day

The factory is cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day, every day. Door handles, switches, coffee machine are every two hours. “The staff representatives are associated with this work. We share experiences and adapt procedures. » Until the return to a normal, economic ... and gastronomic life.

Top Atlantique employs 70 people in Lorient (50 million turnover). It is the seafood subsidiary of the Finistère group Le Saint , which also operates in fruit and vegetables, poultry, meat, groceries (2,300 employees).