Saturday, 4 April 2020

Selling fish directly to consumers.

Coronavirus is having a major impact on UK seafood supply chains so we have worked with Mindfully Wired Communications to produce guides and promotional materials to help fishermen sell directly to consumers.

Fishermen like those aboard the netter Stelissa, seen here picking out hake from the net as it comes aboard, are trying to keep the UK supplied with fresh fish - you can help by going online to the FishOnFriday website and buying your fresh fish - in some cases - direct from the boat itself!

Guides on direct selling for fishermen

Fishermen can sell certain types of seafood to directly to consumers for their own personal consumption. This means where it is going to be eaten by a customer and their family and not sold on to anyone else.
We’ve created guides to explain what you need to do to meet the regulations. They also highlight the food safety requirements that apply. Guides for England and Scotland are available to download below:
Further guidance for Northern Ireland and Wales will be added here shortly.

Materials to help promote direct selling

PostersWe’ve also created posters which can be used to promote direct sales from the quayside. The artwork files for the posters are available to download from the links below. For each design there is a pdf version that’s suitable for printing and a png version that’s suitable for online use.
The posters have a space where you can add your contact details. If you’re printing them out you can do this with a maker pen. If you’d like to use them online you can add text with an adobe pdf editor. If you need help with this email with a note of your contact details and which poster you’d like and we’ll send you a personalised artwork file. We can also provide artwork which is branded with an organisation’s logo on request. Please note we will manage requests for this as quickly as possible within normal working hours.
Social media graphicsWe’ve also created some graphics that you can use on your own social media platforms. These are available to download from the folder here:

Guide for fish vans

We’re currently working on a guide for fish vans so it will be added here soon.

Fish is the Dish listings for online suppliers

On our Fish is the Dish website we share details of specialists suppliers who can deliver seafood with consumers. You can view the listings on the Buying Online webpage – if you would like to be added as a supplier contact our Fish is the Dish team.