Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Calling all South West Fishermen - Fishing for Leave - Brexit and you!

Fishing For Leave will continue campaigning to make sure Brexit means Brexit for the fishing industry.

This is a campaign run by fishermen for fishermen and they are determined all voices are heard as we withdraw from the EU and reclaim British territorial waters and sensible policy for those at the forefront.  

The meeting on Monday 17th October is for ALL SW fishermen and anyone else connected to, or in support of the industry. So far, we have skippers and fishermen attending from Newlyn, Meva, Padstow, Brixham, Looe (and hopefully others) with the objective to to gather together policy ideas, regulation issues and what British fishermen want the future of British fishing to be once we’ve left the EU.

Aaron Brown, founder of FFL and organiser of the Thames flotilla is travelling to every port to meet with as many fishermen as possible before talks begin in December so that the industry itself decides, and officially submits, what terms and what policy works for them. Ideally we want representation from each Cornish harbour as this will send a positive message of solidarity to the media (as well as seeing old friends).

Talks should begin with absolute clarity that control of a 200nm radius, as stated by international law, belongs to the UK and any concessions are unacceptable. We are hoping for a good turnout of fishermen and supporters of their communities so that we get decent coverage and keep momentum going for you from there. 

Look forward to seeing you all, and here’s hoping our campaigning secures a brighter future for all in the industry.

With regards,

Deborah Cowley
Fisheries Researcher and Campaigner

Further information and any questions please contact: or phone on 07534 750107