Friday, 9 September 2016

So you want to be fishermen?

Seafood Cornwall have just set out their 3 week Introduction to Commercial Fishing course from 3-21 October 2016. 

This free course is aimed at new entrants to the fishing industry who are at least 16 years old. The course consists of two weeks shore-based training (covering safety, gear and catch handling, net mending, rope work, navigation and boat handling) followed by one week of mandatory basic safety courses for fishermen (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Health and Safety) as well as the Seafish Basic Fishing Vessel Stability course.

This introductory level course will suit both young people looking for a career at sea in the fishing industry as well as those looking for a change of career. The course aims to equip candidates with the basic skills and knowledge to commence work at sea in a safe and useful manner. It will be provided free of charge in Cornwall for a limited number of candidates via Seafood Cornwall Training Ltd.

If you have a regular circular that we can help get out to fishermen then please get in touch with us at the office on 01736 364324 or call my mobile on 07964 373708 or email on